Bernburg 2015

Anfang IN7A8026A Golden Mountain Spring s Nashville R Vet Platz 1 IN7A8034A Alana Kindness of Honey Hill H Vet Platz 1 IN7A8038A Golden Mountain Spring s Nashville BVIS
IN7A8052A Fylla s Sweet Rapsodi Rodny R Baby vv1 IN7A8060A Bet on it von Friduren H Baby vv1 IN7A8068A Dee-Nala Golden Touch of Mozart H Baby vv2 IN7A8078A Bet on it of Friduren Best Baby in Show
IN7A8093A Sequins Schnozzola R Jgd V1 IN7A8101A Sheldrick Lissabon R Jgd V2 IN7A8107A Golden Caius vom Kraemerwald R Jgd V3 IN7A8112A Never Ending Emotion Only A Sunrise In The Sky R Jgd V4
IN7A8118A Ramchaine New York New York R Zw V1 IN7A8126A Elkarima s Golden Head over Heels R Zw V2 IN7A8127A Thevenet Pep De Les Montanyas Catalanes R Zw V3 IN7A8137A Christopher Robin of Toboggan Run R Zw V4
IN7A8143A Little Violett s Zucchero R Ch V1 IN7A8149A Haydn of the Hellacious Acres R Ch V2 IN7A8161A Sequins Savus R Ch V3 IN7A8172A Elwood Unique from cheerful House R Gebr V1
IN7A8179A Jako s Star From The North R Gebr V2 IN7A8190A Catch the Wind Treasure R Gebr Sg3 IN7A8198A Sweet lucky Charm Elegant Diamond in the Sky R Gebr Sg4 IN7A8206A Mitcharron Billy Elliot R Offene V1
IN7A8209A Floprym Mr Mockernut R Offene V2 IN7A8221A Sanguinisch McGregor R Offene V3 IN7A8224A Sheldrick Jar Jar Binks R Offene V4 IN7A8239A Sequins Schnozzola R Jgd V1 BR BOS
IN7A8253A Sevenway Dizzy Miss Lizzy H Jue vv1 Best Puppy in Show IN7A8255A Golden Dizzy vom Kraemerwald H Hue vv2 IN7A8269A Golden Freckle Amazing Whoopi Goldberg H Jue vv3 IN7A8284A Barier s Golden Companera Carlota H Jgd V1
IN7A8287A Tanistagh Calm after the Storm H Jgd V2 IN7A8302A Valentina v d Corner Brook H Jgd V3 IN7A8311A Sweet lucky charm Gorgeous Miss Bean H Jgd V4 IN7A8327A Catch the Wind Fly H Zw V1
IN7A8334A Catch A Smile of Toboggan Run H Zw V2 IN7A8358A Little Violett s One Time Edition H Zw V3 IN7A8359A Golden Buffy vom Kraemerwald H Ch V1 IN7A8368A Faithful Heart Fine Frenzy H Ch V2
IN7A8389A Sevenway Chasing Dreams H Gebr V1 IN7A8397A Sweet lucky charm Dream Merry X-Mas H Gebr V2 IN7A8408A Faithful Heart Ivy Queen H Gebr V3 IN7A8418A Ramchaine Pink Paradise H Offene V1 BH BOB
IN7A8433A Sambuca of the morning Valley H Offene V2 IN7A8440A Fenpinque Miss Prada H Offene V3 IN7A8447A TQ Lyness H Offene V4 IN7A8461A Ramchaine Pink Paradise BH BOB