Cloppenburg 3-2015

IN7A2049A IN7A2077A Lightning Dreams Buddy Holly IN7A2089A Timeless Golden Diamond Daring Major IN7A2096A Marvellous Lunes see the light of day
IN7A2121A I m Terra Antyda Marlo of Nordic History IN7A2131A Gembaek s 007 IN7A2153A Could Be Magic Coisean of Lemona IN7A2161A Autumn Breeze A New Adventure
IN7A2173A Meallan Allanmore IN7A2178A Vive la Vie Bruno IN7A2192A Figo du Bois de la Rayere IN7A2202A Jako s Star From The North
IN7A2217A Dainty s Foreign Currency IN7A2250A Sheldrick Jar Jar Binks IN7A2276A Cream Sensation Milow My Incredible Golden IN7A2284A Cameo de Ria Vela
IN7A2297A My Winter Paradise Endless Emotion IN7A2309A Frenchy Boy du Bois de la Rayere IN7A2317A Lavenders Generation Harley Rocker IN7A2339A Remington Rigoletto
IN7A2359A Golden Sunlight s Knockin on Heaven s Door IN7A2369A Ceysand s Clooney but not George IN7A2401A Gracedale s Kronos John-Boy IN7A2407A Sheldrick Kantu
IN7A2422A Elysian Blonds Elements Of Sunrise IN7A2431A Zapotequan Zhaaniyaa of Lesmona IN7A2445A Danny vom Frecketal IN7A2458A Golden Karli vom Quellenthal
IN7A2482A Henry von der Ivangsheide IN7A2492A Winter Sunset Song of Redpine IN7A2500A Le Pet s Bernard IN7A2509A
IN7A2518A IN7A2524A IN7A2529A IN7A2540A Sunbeam Gentle Enjoying Life Elyon H Vet Platz 1 Bester Veteran
IN7A2547A Timeless Golden Copyright by Nela H Vet Platz 2 IN7A2558A Baffy four Paws under Water H Baby vv1 IN7A2581A Timeless Golden Kiss me Bentley BBIS - Baffy Four Paws under Water IN7A2592A Sunbeam Gentle Enjoying Life Elyon BVIS - Murdock s Houston - We have a Problem
IN7A2612A Barrier s Golden Companera Carlota H Jue vv1 IN7A2620A Barrier s Golden Companera Carlota H Jue vv1 IN7A2636A Faithful Heart Jennifer Lopez H Jgd V1 IN7A2644A Zaphira of Redpine H Jgd V4
IN7A2650A Midnight Sun of the Morning Valley H Zw V1 IN7A2660A Golden Buffy vom Kraemerwald H Ch V1 IN7A2682A Barrier s Golden Adventurous Abigail H Gebr V1 IN7A2691A Maple Syrup of the Morning Valley H Offene V1
IN7A2703A Golden Buffy vom Kraemerwald Beste Huendin BOB IN7A2707A Barrier s Golden Companera Carlota BPIS - Cardiac Caspar of Golden MountainLake IN7A2714A Golden Cajus vom Kraemerwald BJIS - Faithful Heart Jennifer Lopez IN7A2735A Golden Buffy vom Kraemerwald BOB - Zapotequan Zhaaniyaa of Lesmona BOS
IN7A2744A Beste Zuchtgruppe Barrier s Golden IN7A2759A Zuchtgruppe Platz 2 Golden vom Kraemerwald IN7A2767A Zuchtgruppe Platz 3 of Thronfield Manor IN7A2786A