Mühldorf am Inn 2015

IN7A4499A IN7A4507B IN7A4523A Barrier s Golden Companero Carlos R Jgd V1 IN7A4527A Under The Button vd Beerse Hoeve R Jgd V2
IN7A4536A Blondilex Beowolf R Jgd V3 IN7A4547A Ramchaine New York New York R Zw V1 IN7A4555A True Love Twister of Moss Lake R Zw V2 IN7A4567A Golden Caius vom Kraemerwald R Zw V3
IN7A4577A Golden Dreamstory Everybody s Darling Henry R Zw V4 IN7A4587A Autumn Breeze A New Adventure R Ch V1 IN7A4589A Haydn of the Hellacious Acres R Ch V2 IN7A4605A Cameo de Ria Vela R Ch V3
IN7A4613A Iker du Bois de la Rayere R Gerb V1 IN7A4621A Jako s Star From The North R Gebr V2 IN7A4634A Elwood Unique from cheerful House R Gebr V3 IN7A4639A Golden Dreamstory Angel Cosmo R Offene V1
IN7A4655A Dewmist Rainbow Warrior R Offene V2 IN7A4659A Monty of Schloss Windsor R Offene V3 IN7A4670A Festmarie und Kings Golden Caesar R Offene SG4 IN7A4680A Naimy of Moss Lake H Vet Platz 1
IN7A4689A My Winter Paradise Endless Emotion R Vet Platz 1 Bester Ruede BOS IN7A4704A Pawesome Bonnie Wild H Baby vv1 Best Baby IN7A4718A Bet on it von Friduren H Jue vv1 Best Puppy IN7A4722A Easy Way of Life von der hohen Buche H Jue vv2
IN7A4733A Golden Dreamstory Happy Anni H Jue vv3 IN7A4753A Next in Line No Hills H Jgd V1 IN7A4757A Sevenway Dizzy Miss Lizzy H Jgd V2 IN7A4766A Wild Pepper Gimme All Your Lovin H Jgd V3
IN7A4779A Little Violett s Quick Response H Jgd V4 IN7A4780A Nougatine No Hills H Zw V1 BH BOB IN7A4796A Little Violett s Quizzy Dizzy H Zw V2 IN7A4803A Golden Coolie vom Kraemerwald H Zw V3
IN7A4814A Princess of Wales Happy Company H Zw V4 IN7A4821A Evidog Princess H Ch V1 IN7A4829A Paz de Atrapauenos H Ch V2 IN7A4841A Sambuca of the Morning Valley H Ch V3
IN7A4851A Buffy vom Kraemerwald H Ch V4 IN7A4858A Wild Pepper Filled with Love H Gebr V1 IN7A4865A Sevenway Chasing Dreams H Gebr V2 IN7A4877A Faithful Heart Ivy Queen H Gebr V3
IN7A4885A Adorable Princess Akina von der hohen Buche H Gebr V4 IN7A4896A Limoncella Ter Rode Poort H Offene V1 IN7A4901A Kindly Angel of Millroad H Offene V2 IN7A4922A Tanishtagh She s All THat H Offene V3
IN7A4931A Sequins Sleque H Offene V4 IN7A4951A Nougatine No Hills Beste Huendin BOB IN7A4964A Ausstellerin mit weitester Anfahrt IN7A4970A Die Richterin